Narrow boat movement

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Narrow boat movement

Post by MGC » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:26 pm

This narrow boat was similar to the submerged one we rescued from the river in Oxford at the beginning of the year, and is estimated to weigh approx. 20T. This one had been vandalised inside and the owner wanted it refurbished, but first it needed to be moved from its current location (Shepperton) to a farm in East Sussex (Rushlake Green).

The boat yard lifted it onto a waiting low loader (Southern Recovery) with their own crane, after which it was transported to the farm. Access was very tight, so the low loader was disconnected whilst loaded. The unit, which was fitted with a crane, lifted one end of the boat whilst our Rotator lifted the other. Our own unit then pulled the trailer out from underneath before the boat was lowered into its final position.


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