Damaged artic in Belgium

This vehicle had been involved in an incident in Belgium. A heavy recovery vehicle and low loader were sent to bring the unit & trailer back. The cab had to be removed from the chassis & then each component loaded onto the low loader. Temporary repairs were done to make the trailer road worthy before bringing back to the UK.

Wagon & Drag in Southern France

In the summer heat of the south of France, two people went down with the low loader. The body of the wagon & drag had to be cut up before it was loaded on the low loader & brought back to the UK.


The coach had suffered engine failure whilst on tour in Ibiza. As there are no recovery vehicles as such in Ibiza, the coach was towed across the island to the port with the Unimog. At the same time a damaged Mercedes car was brought to the port, loaded onto the boat where it was met in Barcelona. Both vehicles were brought back to the UK.

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